By Asma and Reem

Alexander Wang for H&M: The Perfect "Fit"

We all know that Alexander Wang is pretty much the coolest designer in New York City, right? Well, Balenciaga's creative director is the latest designer to collaborate with H&M. The collection includes 38 exclusively designed garments and is set to be released on November 6 at around 250 stores worldwide. This collection is typical Wang and mixes casual style with sports. "I don't do any sports," Wang lately revealed. "I wear sports because I feel comfortable in them." The designer channels the athletic trend, complete with the colour palette, strictly consisting of mainly dark grey and black. Technical details and fabrics are also a plus, and if you ask us, we don't mind wearing some of the pieces to the gym! 

Seamless t-shirts, tank tops, cropped tops, sports bras, yoga mats, towels, a water bottle.. Did we forget something? Oh ya! The Alexander Wang logo, embossed on most of the pieces sets a new statement on branding, a first for the Swedish giant. 

Giles Deacon: Georgian Fashion Mix

By Reem

I'm generally the person that gets excited upon looking at designs that were eccentric or outlandish. Count me a fan of Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh, two British innovators of unusual creations that defied the status quo. Well you can imagine my excitement upon seeing Giles Deacon's show held last Thursday at Kensington Palace, in honour of the 300th anniversary of George I's ascension to the British throne. The runway show featured Deacon's statement pieces from past collections all boasting Georgian-styled glory, along with millinery by Stephen Jones. 

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to show a retrospective of my designs which have been inspired by many aspects of the Georgian era. To have them presented in the Orangery at Kensington Palace will make for a very special evening!” -Giles Deacon

Gothic and romantic themes of the gowns and ensembles out-shined the model themselves: an austere monochrome skirt-suit, a rich-brocade sleeveless gown, a black and pale pink deconstructed dress- feathers, leather, and lace the perfect fabrics to create the mood as imagined by Deacon. The brilliant pre-Raphaelite dress in print-silk and elemental shades of gold, brown and black(modelled by Erin O'Connor), was also the talk of the night. And we're not just talking about her modelling debut since the birth of her new-born child. 

Jones' millinery was a grand affair itself- a Pac-Man inspired head-piece as seen on Lindsey Wixson, and the swan piece paired with the opulent golden top worn by Daphne Groeneveld were just some of the splendid creations included in the show, which was also styled by Katie Grand. It's a basic fact that throughout the show and backstage, it was all a magical event to attend for all parties included. For you can't deny that the show Deacon presented was simply magnificent. 

Images via, photographed by Eleanor Hardwick

Hasan Hejazi Spring/Summer 2015: Simplified Complexity

Some of us like it simple, and some of us like it complex. For Hasan Hejazi, it's how you wear what lies between simple and complex, and to be shameless while doing it. It was first on Welsh singer Marina Diamandis that we saw how the designer presented his glam aesthetic, and glam is what he does best. His debut show held at Fashion Forward featured a collection that more or less appealed to the woman that is serious and celebratory. We saw sequinned pant and skirt suits in gold or technicolor purple dazzling audiences with a pulse, shade upon magnificent shade. Pink cocktail dresses also roamed the runway, drenched in his signature sequins or otherwise with a vest and relaxed frills. And to keep it all the more conceptual, Hejazi granted the wish of minimalists that prefer to retain a low-profile on things, but with a little detail here or there. The all-white ensemble belted at the waist with a sheer train following its heels was the one of the main highlights - the English/Jordanian designer probably felt that lightness was the overriding mood here. One thing we wished he'd done was to eliminate the blue and black dresses; their fit was not a complimentary one, not to mention failing to exude any potential elegance. On another note, we're looking forward to seeing more of his offerings in the future.

Remembering Legendary Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta "believed in beauty, not for beauty’s sake, but because he understood that elevating the outside could help elevate the inside," writes Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times.

Timeline from (Edited) 

1932: The year he was born... 

1950s: Studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, and then worked in the Madrid salon of Cristóbal Balenciaga as an illustrator for the clients

1960s: Hired by Antonio del Castillo as his assistant at Lanvin, began his tenure at Elizabeth Arden, and started designing his own line

1970s: Became president of the Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA) of America, and debuted the Oscar fragrance

1980s: Became president of the CFDA for the second time, and given a lifetime achievement award by the CFDA

1990s: Became the first American fashion designer to show at Paris Fashion Week, worked for Balmain, and became a couture designer

2000s: Introduced his first ready-to-wear bridal collection, received Founders Award from the CFDA, presented the fall 2013 line with the help of John Galliano, announced Peter Copping, former Nina Ricci artistic director, as creative director of Oscar de la Renta

2014: Dies at 82 after a long battle with cancer. 

Notice something from the timeline above. Oscar de la Renta, in every decade, had his moments of stardom and contributed to fashion in some way. We stumbled upon this article written by Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times, and we had to share parts of it. 

"Though most people, when they think of Oscar de la Renta, think of the first ladies he dressed (Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton) or the celebrities he clothed for the red carpet (Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift) or the wedding gowns he designed (for Amal Clooney, Huma Abedin, Kate Bosworth), I think of two entirely different things.

I think, for example, of how before every show was supposed to start — a good half-hour before every show was even supposed to start, which is to say about 50 minutes before every other designer’s show would really start — he would be standing backstage, in a perfectly tailored pinstriped shirt and silk tie, pocket handkerchief flopping just so, waiting for the audience to show up: keeping to the schedule in real time as opposed to fashion time, because it was the correct thing to do.


He believed in hard work and the importance of appearance. He believed in beauty, not for beauty’s sake, but because he understood that elevating the outside could help elevate the inside; that confidence could be donned with a garment (just ask Oprah Winfrey, who practically glowed in his long-sleeved, cleavage-hinting navy silk gown as a co-chairwoman of the Met Ball in 2010, ending up on numerous best-dressed lists). He believed in balance, and the golden mean. He believed in lace and color and the leverage that came with a carefully chosen ruffle — but not too many ruffles. He believed, during the rise and fall of grunge and normcore and casual Friday, in staking his higher ground: being neither out nor in but, perhaps, above. He believed in the long game."

“A runway is spectacle. It’s only fashion when a woman puts it on. Being well dressed hasn't much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.”- Oscar de la Renta

Thank you Oscar de la Renta for showing us what fashion and women are all about. Rest in peace.

Mary Katrantzou X Adidas Originals

Fashion's favourite trend: sportswear. Which is why Mary Katrantzou's collection for Adidas Originals arrived just on cue. It seems like not everyone's ready to say goodbye to this trend, making this collection the perfect fix. It's not the first time Adidas collaborated with a high end designer like Katrantzou, who is added to the list alongside Yohji Yamamato, Raf Simons, Pharrell Williams, and Rick Owens. The collection is comprised of the classic sneakers reworked by Katrantzou; you have the designer's prints adorning the sneakers with gold-hardware to go. And what we consider to be the best part of the collaboration- the clothes. Zip-up dresses in neoprene(also in Katrantzou's special prints), mesh prints, name it! We couldn't think of a more perfect designer to head this collaboration, and Katrantzou's heading it to success. 

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