By Asma and Reem

Spot the Similarity: H&M and Chloé

Chloé's Alpaca-blend blanket cape was inspired by a photograph of a blanket coat taken in 1966, from the archives. The cape was worn by the likes of Elena Perminova and Anya Ziourova during fashion week. Retailing for approximately $3377, the coat clearly defined a new trend for the F/W 2014 season, topping everyone's wish-list. So we weren't that shocked when H&M decided to replicate the piece, from the draped overlay to the white woven piping. Save for the colour and two pockets on H&M's version, the two look clearly alike you wouldn't even know which was which! 

Valentino: Embroidered Delicacies

By Reem

Valentino's always had a way of playing the peek-a-boo game. As fine as my rhyming skills, Valentino's craft of designing a dress with sheer fabric is always impeccably wonderful. Over the past few seasons, the duo heading the design team-Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccolo-have made it a permanent fact that every collection produced by the brand must simply include a sheer tulle gown, or two. Managing a legendary fashion house is no easy task of course. The duo are pioneers of a new image of Italian fashion(Valentino, to be specific); that long-sleeved, embroidered sheer tulle gowns claim the rebirth of wonderful style. Implementing seasonal themes onto the gowns is one of the rules to maintain, which takes a massive amount of work. Hearts, stars, animals and even plants always seem to find themselves embroidered onto these gowns- adding a magical aura to the runway piece. That, in its sense results in a magical conception, which the original designer never thought to produce before retiring from design. Previously being known solely for the classic red dress, Valentino now expands its depths thanks to the imaginative Churie and Piccolo. The sheer tulle gowns are exotic, romantic, and folkloric. There's no denying that these pieces will surely attain a signature status. 

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MFW S/S 2015 Round-Up

This season at Milan Fashion Week we saw matadors walking the Dolce & Gabbana runway, while Karl Lagerfeld made sure to feature a miniature version of the Karlito bag charm at Fendi. And if you thought that the market trend was coming to a stop, think again. Marni elevated the hype with her own flower market- complete with gardening tools! Unlike last season, we didn't spot several celebrities- except for Amy Adams, Bella Thorne, and the inexplicably chic Anna Wintour. The main trend with street-style was all maxi-skirts, and in some cases skorts (our favourite hybrid!). It's safe to say, Milan caused more of a thrill than usual. Italians always do it better!

Here are the highlights:

What we loved most about Fendi this season? Its acceptance of eclecticism. Fendi used everything, from leather, to suede, to denim. It combined its materials with all cuts, from pleats, to asymmetries, to fringes, not to mention in so many colours ranging from blue to black, and grey to white. What attracted us the most in this collection (other than it being eclectic and the 3D flowers) were the mini peekaboo bags! Now we'd certainly cry for one... 

Alessandra Facchinetti drew on refined minimalism, featuring statement details with every piece created. You have an oxblood leather top, bursting with black polka-dots, or a suit in the perfect shade of turquoise, tailored for a seamless fit. The designer illustrated a new-found fact: Tod's boasts more than loafers and bags. 

For Moschino this season, Jeremy Scott pulled Barbie out of the bag. Certainly every girl's dream come true- a human-size Barbie doll. Bubble-gum pink dominated the runway, with the famous doll's outfits incorporated to fit the new Moschino image. Despite the incredulous offering, it's a step-up better from the previous collection. One thing we do know, Scott's craving for the outrageous doesn't stop here. We wonder what's next...Teletubbies? 

Dolce and Gabbana showed us what happened when Spain met Italy (when Spain ruled Sicily in 1516 to be exact). Think of bullfighting and flamenco. See, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana provided the perfect balance of femininity and strength. Blood red colour and lace dresses were typical Dolce & Gabbana, but we're not complaining! Elements of polka dots and ruffles made us want to stand up and dance the flamenco. The metador jacket was definitely a standout piece. The show ended with models wearing red embroidered with flowers and paired up with white shirts. 

If you asked us to describe Luisa Beccaria's S/S 2015 collection in two words, our answer would be soft and romantic. We imagined Jane Austen's heroines going about their daily activities in those lavender dresses (the main colour aside from white), and getting married in those ever-more beautiful wedding gowns. "I wanted to reference the languid atmosphere of a boudoir, the sensuality of the exquisite antique lingerie, yet in a modern and sophisticated way," said the designer backstage at her show.

Antonio Marras always manages to tell a story with his collections. Last fall it was wolves and forest creatures, but with this S/S 2015 collection he illustrated spring elements in their different forms. He used appliqué with his dresses to bring realistic components to life, using a shady colour palette and fitted silhouettes to match.

We're quite worried about where Jil Sander will go. It's been a rocky few years what with the designer leaving yet again, but with the appointment of Rodolfo Paglialunga as the new creative director, the brand seems to be losing its essence. The latest collection is beyond minimalistic (something that American consumers would go for), and it stops there. Working with a dull colour palette, Paglialunga seems to be evoking an image that is... not at all in good taste. 

As the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci said, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", it happens that Salvatore Ferragamo emphasises sophistication completely. The collection is successful at delivering superior quality and ultimate simplicity. From the wool coats to the light summer dresses, creative designer Massimiliano Giornetti cements the fact that he is a master at creating beautiful objects, like Da Vinci himself.

Veronica Etro channeled the Southwest for the latest Etro collection. Really though, when has bohemia looked this good? Signature Etro paisley prints walked down the runway, with beaded embroidery adorning the dresses. We can totally channel our inner Tiger Lily with those gorgeous pieces!

Sportmax proved that having a nonchalant attitude is certainly in fashion these days! What we loved the most about this collection was the oversized ginghams, a trend that has been repeated several times down the runway. Not to mention the knotted waist belts which not only accentuate the figure, but also add that sporty look. Sportmax's S/S 15 collection simply screams ready-to-wear aaand, "Wear me now!".  

Just Cavalli this season implemented its typical fashion statement: bohemian style mixed with 70s glamour geometrics, flowing chiffon, and attractive colours. And why not? Roberto knows what he's doing and he knows that his Cavalli girl wants to have fun in his clothes. The woman who wears clothes from his S/S 15 collection is certainly thinking of one thing: party in Ibiza. The presence of a sunset and New York's cityscape reveal the free- spirited Cavalli girl. 

We love Prada, but we did not like Prada S/S 15 collectton. Prada wanted to make its latest collection as vintage as possible. Now we love vintage, but this season's collection did not excite us at all. Prada's vintage materials used were more suitable for curtains and sofas than clothes. Some pieces were acceptable though, such as the leather shaped cape and skirt. Nothing else came to our liking, to be honest. There was something wrong in there. Maybe it's the shady colours she used? Or maybe the way the pieces were styled? Whatever it may be, we are indeed disappointed. 

Versace this season was not "too much". In other words, it wasn't as intense as most of the Versace shows are (think typical Versace black and gold). Some clothes though screamed for attention such as those with metal rings printed on them. We liked the fact that this collection had a sense of athleticism (think of the pared back pieces). Donatella did not change Versace's direction entirely though. We can spot Versace's signature Medusa and chains. This is truly what we love about Donatella; she always sticks to Versace's identity no matter what. 

Giorgio Armani was inspired by the sand and the sea this season; therefore, it is natural to see beiges walking down the runway and rippled chiffon and silk. Bolero jackets and cropped trousers were a hit. What we loved the most from this collection? The tulle that replicated waves. How creative! Simply put, this collection was very fresh and glamorous. 

Marni certainly caused one heck of a hype this season at Milan. We weren't there to see it, but we're betting show-goers were dying to get their hands on a bouquet or a bag filled with gardening tools. Of course, there can't be a Marni show without her classic print-on-print signature style. Although we have to admit- her take on flowers was a glorious one. Not to mention her persistence at keeping the sneaker trend alive was worth the watch, except for the fact that hers were implemented on sandals. All in all, it was one intense floral affair. 

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Pick of the Week: Lei Van Kash

If you think about it, handcuffs are the best invention since jeans. It's all thanks to Central Saint Martins graduate Leila Kashanipoor, founder of jewellery brand Lei Van Kash. We've developed an undeniable love for the exotic piece. Inspired by Henna tattoos, the "Haya" handcuffs are perfect for to add more volume to a casual look, especially if you happen to go for a colourful version. For a simpler alternative, the feathered handcuffs are more of a better option, as they are equally sleek and simple. It's easy to admit that the young artisan's got a lot ahead of her!