By Asma and Reem

Spot the Similarity: No.21 X Tibi Sandals

One definite fact about this Spring/Summer 2015 season: No.21's duchesse satin mules were an all-star hit. There's no doubt Alessandro Dell'Acqua's genius skills with the footwear were drawn to perfection; something the industry itself hasn't witnessed beforehand. It's no wonder that other brands such as Uterqüe decided to imitate and follow suit, which is what you'd usually expect from the latter. Another brand that decided to join the trend is Tibi, imitating a good deal of Dell'Acqua's design save for the colour and point-toe detail. Now No.21's flat version is priced at $477, while the mule is at $588. As for Tibi, the shoes retail at $425. If it came down to choosing, we'd undeniably go with the original. Now they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for Tibi it's absolutely not a show for innovation. 

Pick of the Week: Mihano Momosa

There's an unspeakable charm when a dress is tinged with pastels, and more importantly a symbol of femininity: flowers. That's where Mihano Momosa comes in. The appeal of an ethereal romance is brought to life by Mihailo Anušić, the designer of the Serbian label. In a short period of time Mihano Momosa easily penetrated the Serbian market, also gaining critical acclaim on social media thanks to the brand's aesthetic. Celebrating creativity over a modern fairy-tale, the garments emulate a very demure style; almost tender. As though the former stylist deliberately examined the concept of fairy-tales and transformed it into the fantastical gowns he now creates. We admire Anušić's ability to interpret emotion through these dresses - his eye for precision and choice of the ideal colour palette can be easily spotted. Granted, the Mihano Momosa gowns are truly made with love.

My idea is to create for a woman that recognizes the emotion I am sharing through my collections.
— Mihailo Anušić, Mihano Momosa

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L'Afshar Birthstone Clutches: One of a Kind

It's hard to forget the image of a clutch bearing the logo of a mixture between a beetle and a dragon fly being posted all over on Instagram, which practically peaked our curiosity. In no time we stumbled upon the designer behind these memorable acrylic clutches: Lilian Afshar, designer and founder of her eponymous label L'Afshar.

It was for her senior read-to-wear thesis that Afshar first began her designated venture into designing clutches, and in 3 months post-graduation L'Afshar was an immediate hit. Spotted at fashion week, the acrylic clutches were photographed by the esteemed streetstyle photographers The Sartorialist, Vogue UK, and The Cut. Later on Afshar collaborated with designers like Madiyah Al-Sharqi and jewellery designer Lei van Kash on exclusive clutches.

For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection Afshar chose birthstones as the premise, designing 12 clutches with each birthstone from January to December. The designer definitely broke new ground in the industry, which emphasises on her outstanding talent. Elevated textures and the height of innovation dictate a surprisingly strong aesthetic, one that boasts of femininity and individuality. Our favourite clutch is that of our own shared birthstone: the pink tourmaline. We have to admit the vividness of the birthstone is impeccable, not to mention perfectly untarnished, pointing out Afshar's eye for quality. We're definitely looking forward to her Fall 2015 collection; it would be a sin not to covet her creations. 

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To The Kinetic Woman: Thierry Lasry X Fendi

French sunglasses designer, Thierry Lasry is known for having his own touch, saying that this is his ultimate spilled secret. You know the sunglasses that instantly catches your eye when you're out shopping and having dozens of sunglasses displayed in front of you? Well, that is Thierry Lasry!  

But what happens when Fendi asks for Thierry Lasry's hands? A match made in collaboration heaven, that's all that we can say! Although Thierry Lasry is an emerging sunglasses designer, having launched his brand in late 2006, Fendi did not stop itself from approaching this unique brand. And what a smart move Fendi did... 

“I was able to create a signature without a logo, that’s the whole thing,” he says. “And because they’re able to do today, It Bags, It Shoes, It Everything, but not It Sunglasses, I’m there to create [them].” Working closely with Silvia Fendi, Lasry was able to create a capsule collection that was filled with energy, movement, and change, all which can be directly spotted from the campaign that starred Anna Cleveland. 

The sunglasses are not just perfect for day time, but also the nightlife. The designs are borrowed and inspired from Fendi's archives from the 80's and the 90's. The way Fendi's aesthetics was merged with Thierry Lasry's was very apparent and This collection is perfect for the woman with a hip attitude and is not afraid of change. 

“They’re inspired by the Roman way of life,” he said in an interview with Vogue. “Those strong, daring, Italian women. Now those woman could be in any city in the world: New York City, Paris, anywhere.”

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Chanel Haute Couture FW15/16: A Privé Gamble

By guest writer Hamda Al-Falasi

Celebrities are getting together for a fun night out. Expensive wardrobe, champagne and gambling are on the menu tonight! No, this isn’t an exclusive high profile party in Hollywood; it’s the 2015-2016 Fall/Winter Chanel Haute Couture show, which took place at the Grand Palais. Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore and Lara Stone walked the runway and made their way towards the Chanel-themed casino table. Vanessa Paradis and daughter Lily-Rose Depp followed suit, marking Depp’s modelling debut and her role as Karl Lagerfeld's newest muse.

With metallic tweed jackets, bedazzled A-line dresses, and layered sheer tulle gowns, Lagerfeld achieves to create pieces that every girl would covet. The colour palette was a combination of both dark earthy colours and cool winter tones. It was refreshing to see Lagerfeld adding a twist to the classic skirt-suits that the brand is known for, which is the 3D effect of being placed a slight bit farther from the physique.  Aside from the breathtaking pieces, the models all sported cropped bob wigs and black sling backs.

The show was concluded with 19-year old rising star Kendall Jenner closing the show wearing an 80’s inspired bridal tux suit with a tulle train hanging in the back channeling a feminist bride. It was a departure from the traditional bridal gown, but then again the Kaiser is occasionally rebellious when it comes to making a statement. 

From a feminist rally to grocery shopping and an art museum, Lagerfeld creates storylines that take his audience for a mini trip with every show. He has fashion gurus impatiently waiting on the edge of their seats to see what he delivers next. And boy does Karl deliver! 

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