By Asma and Reem

Pick of the Week: Hamda Al Fahim Summer 2015

Yesterday, we had the honour to attend an intimate dinner hosted by Front Row Mode to preview the talented Emirati designer's, Hamda Al Fahim's, Fall/ Winter 2015 collection. We will definitely be reviewing her collection soon, but for this week's "Pick of the Week", we decided to feature this beautifully designed dress from her Summer 2015 collection. Al Fahim's attention to detail is astounding! Don't believe us? Well, you can judge for yourselves.


Update Your Spring Wardrobe Sans Flowers

"Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking!"

Don't you just love Miranda Priestly's sarcasm? We don't know about you, but we can totally relate! As mean as she sounds and seems to be, we all know that she is right. I mean, we don't want to be roaming around the streets this season wearing flowers (ugh... how boring!). Nature can show us the real beauty of Spring (in this case, the flowers). Fashion can show us what Spring is in different ways. 

Winter season is officially over, so now you can throw away your thermals, woolen coats, boots... Not literally of course. Let's just say, you can ditch them for a while for it is time to make room for a whole new season. The fashion industry has always loved relating fashion to nature, after all, nature is probably the number one source of inspiration to many designers, and we are not talking about fashion designers only. Therefore, it is normal to say that when we choose an outfit or update our "wardrobe" in this case, we ask Mother Nature to inspire us, and of course, sweet Mother Nature has inspired us already without even asking.

Obviously, there are soooo many ways to update your Spring wardrobe, but this is simply our way, so here it is!

1. An A- line Dress

Think tribal, think zebra, think crochet, lace... just don't think floral. 

2. Denim "Jeans"

Yves Saint Laurent said that it is "the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant". Well, there you go. Stack your closet with denim, loads of 'em! 

3. Crop Tops

Don't have the perfect abdomen? Fear not! Wear high waisted pants, skirt... There are no excuses! Crop tops are the seal of approval.

4. Say Yes to Mid Length Skirts!

We always think that fashion is much more classy when it covers a woman's assets. So, let's say no to super short skirts this time. 

5. Flatforms

Taking platforms to a new level, with more edge and the right amount of chic. From metallics to marble soles, emphasis lands on comfort without compromising height!

Malone Souliers: Treasured Icon

Wall Street Journal

From the constructive Josef Albers-enthused gowns by Roksanda Ilincic to the Mondrian short dresses by 3.1 Phillip Lim, it's crystal clear that artists have constantly inspired designers with their work. For creative designer Mary-Alice Malone it just happens to be Gustav Klimt. At first glance, the shoes she so perfectly created alongside co-founder and managing director Roy Luwolt seemed to be more elegant than your usual Louboutins, albeit their newcomer status. Now in its third season, it's simple  to say that Malone Souliers is all but taking baby steps to establish itself in the local and international market.

Malone first started as a furniture designer, studying beforehand at an art school in Colorado. Later developing an interest in the design and making of shoes, she went on to learn shoe-making in the London College of Fashion before excelling at other different ateliers. 

The creative designer decided to name the label after her surname "Malone", while the French word "Souliers" is described as "delicate women's shoes". The label's name has a ring to it; suggesting luxury and splendour. What also differentiates Malone Souliers from its peers is the made-to-measure option for its customers, which adds grandeur to its niche. The label is currently based in London, as Malone puts it: "It's a tradition that's very well-grounded in England".

Shoes are the one thing that women put on their body that physically change you... It’s such a small thing that hugely impacts your physicality, your emotional being; your everything.
— Mary-Alice Malone
Saks Fifth Avenue

Malone Souliers purely resurrected the feminine heel, one that is daring and modernised, often appealing to women with a flare for the sensual. The combination of pointy moccasins with a well-sharpened heel such as the Kira or the Yvette(both sling backs) gives the evolved Marie Antoinette-inspired heel a statement to make to its counterparts. A lady-like polish is present within the pair of shoes itself: much like the Montana lace-up ankle boots. Or the Veronica's that seem to be done in snakeskin leather, which upon closer look can observe the metallic finish. There, you have finesse! Another interesting fact about the heels is that they're mostly named after old-school icons. The quality and the design is imminently impressive that if you ask us, the newcomer status is about to change.

A lot of the brand goes back to remaking old tradition; doing things the hard way
— Mary-Alice Malone

Reemami S/S 2015: Power Moves

It doesn't take much to win a boxing match, other than maintaining a considerable level of grit and a tough interior.  The combat sport has been around since the 3rd millennium, but all it took for Reema Al Banna to draw inspiration for Reemami's Spring/Summer 2015 collection was a few visits to Dubai's Round 10 boxing club. 

"Boxing is a sport that I enjoy; to keep fit by exercising and breaking the routine" -Reema Al-Banna

Fun fact: Did you know that boxing gloves are actually dangerous and are able to cause more damage than bare-knuckle boxing? Which is why they prove to be a fitting motif for the collection. Al-Banna utilises lightweight fabrics such as crepe de chine, silk-blend and cotton muslin to come up with easy to wear and comfortable yet chic garments.

Boxing attire was the main inspiration, resulting in prints emphasising elements of boxing by featuring equipment from the headgear to the punching bags. The athletic mood cleverly highlighted the cuts and slits, which can be seen on tops and dresses. Al-Banna also upped her game by including details on the back of her garments, seemingly pressuring the fact that everything on the back is as important as the front. 

It would be wrong to admit that Reemami's latest collection was anything but pragmatic. It comes into play to know that the focus of it all is simplicity yet having maximum impact on the brand's customer. Easy to say that the clothes can be as casual or as fancy as one wishes-depending on the accessories. On that note, we also loved the fact that one can mix and match with the blazers and tops. This a collection is for the modern lady who likes to stay fit yet also posses a stylish demeanour, which is where Reemami comes in. Al-Banna's advanced skill at prints makes it safe to say that in the growing local fashion industry Reemami is coming on top.